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Why Does The Studio Require A dress Code?

Dance is a focused art that requires discipline, confidence, poise, and grace. Dance attire is a key component to the overall classroom experience. A dress code eliminates distraction. Students are not constantly worried about adjusting their outfits, or comparing name brands. A dress code enforces unity within the class.

Dancers should feel like dancers.

A dress code also acts a safety precaution. When students are dressed properly, it is easy to correct their placement in terms of technique.  Baggie clothing can hide the students placement and make it difficult to see potential injuries caused by improper alignment. Colors and pattern are also a distraction to the teacher. Hair that is not properly secured off the face is not only a distraction to the teacher but also to the student who is constantly touching and brushing it away from her face. It is impossible to learn the technique of turning while visually impaired by hair.

White tights in ballet class serve as a visual aid while teaching, the students legs and knee placement are extremely important while learning technique.

The dress code at the studio is very simple and eliminates the need for parents to purchase multiple outfits in the more expensive, fashionable dance wear.

Most importantly, a dress code is a way of celebrating the traditions of elegance and respect in all genres of dance.